How to get “unstuck” and going back to basics

Anyone on a weight loss journey, with or without surgery, has experienced those exasperating moments when the scale stops moving, or worse, beings to move the other direction.  Shock turns into dismay which turns into desperation as the scale continues to defy us.  Despite weight loss plateaus being completely natural, it can be hard to escape the feeling of becoming “stuck”.  This is the perfect time to go back basics, here are some steps for how I get “unstuck”:

  1. Go back to your nutritionist’s instructions, make sure you are eating at the right intervals and getting enough protein in.  If you haven’t been making your quarterly check-ins nows a good time to make the call.  Everyone has unique protein requirements and if you aren’t hitting your targets you won’t see your best results.
  2. Don’t be afraid to do a liquid diet reset.  Don’t worry I’m not preaching to go back to 3 shakes a day but moving to a shake for breakfast and lunch may be the perfect thing to help you break some of your bad habits and stop some of those Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and McD’s trips.
  3. Identify your bad habits.  I am notorious for skipping breakfast, for some reason a coffee or a small shake is all I can eat before lunch most days even though I know that breakfast is super important to jump-start your metabolism for the day.  Conversely, at night I constantly find myself wanting to snack and nothing has been able to cure this struggle.  Modify your behaviors and consciously work to correct your habits, get back to what was working for you.
  4. Track your food!  Junk food creep is real, you may find yourself adding in certain junk foods or getting fast food on a more regular basis, forgetting to bring your lunch in once a week can turn into a few lunch’s at McD’s faster than you want to admit.  Those little treats and late night snacks start becoming ritualistic again.  If you are anything like me tracking will help deter some of those cravings, I know I won’t eat certain foods just so I don’t have to log them.


Finally remind yourself the number on the scale isn’t why we began this journey, take a look in the mirror, try on your clothes.  Does everything fit right?  Do you look and feel better?  We will all hit stalls, remember you are doing this for you, your well mental and physical well being, not the scale.  If none of that works take the scale out back, run it over with the car, hack it with an axe and shoot it for good measure.  That scale wasn’t good for you anyway, he didn’t deserve you, there are thousands of scales in the sea.


Have any tips or tricks for helping you stay or get back on track?  Share them in the comments or on Facebook and I will add them to the list.

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