Quick Snack – Broad Beans aka Fava Beans

I love potato chips, something about salty crispy potatoes gets me every time but after the surgery these were one of the things that had to go.  Not only did they not fit into my new diet but they made me feel like total crap.  Roasted broad beans were suggested to us by our nutritionist and they have been a life saver.  My personal favorite are the simply sea salt variety as an any time snack but I find the savory ones to be handy for a snack in the afternoon.  My wife prefers the sweet ones, cinnamon and cocoa flavor, so do some experimenting before committing to a huge order.  Pro-Tip: we order these online in bulk from Amazon, its worth doing some price shopping on these due to the $ per ounce.

Besides giving me that satisfying salty crunch they are packed full of fiber, which if you have the surgery can be hard to come by and much needed.  The nutritional info is already loaded up in MyFitnessPal if you use it otherwise you can see the info below.  Check out your local suppliers and brands and find one that works for you.


Photos and nutritional info taken directly from www.eatenlightened.com

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